Auszeichnung zum qualifizierten Servicepartner für Ziesmann Baugeräte GmbH

In die exklusive Reihe der qualifizierten Servicepartner darf sich nun auch die Ziesmann Baugeräte GmbH einreihen. Im Dezember 2015 wurde die Firma, mit  ihren  30 Mitarbeitern, für  hervorragende Leistungen und erstklassigen Werkstattservice mit der Auszeichnung zum 5-Sterne-Gold-Partner geehrt.Das Credo, das sich Roland Ziesmann für seine Firma auf die Fahne geschrieben hat signalisiert auf den ersten Blick, dass hier Fachleute am Werk sind. Getreu dem Leitsatz „Weil wir lieben, was wir tun!“, wird hier der Service am Kunden vom Inhaber und dem kompletten Team geleistet.Seit 1992 ist das Familienunternehmen Ziesmann Baugeräte GmbH,  in Nord-Sachsen einer der wichtigsten Partner in Sachen Baumaschinenvermietung, Reparaturservice und Verkauf von neuen und gebrauchten Baumaschinen, Geräten und Zubehör. An den 5 Standorten in Torgau, Leipzig, Wurzen, Delitzsch und Eilenburg ist die Firma mit vielfältigen Leistungen wie Baumaschinenverkauf, Baumaschinenvermietung und erstklassigem Werkstattservice vertreten.Unser Bild zeigt die Überreichung der Auszeichnung durch Peter Schumacher, Gebietsleiter Nord von Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH an Roland Ziesmann und sein stolzes Team.

Award to qualified service partner for Waltz Construction GmbH

In February 2015, the Construction Waltz GmbH received the award for certified service partner of Kubota Construction GmbH.

The company, founded by Bernd Waltz in Vellberg 1996 evolved over the years into one of the leading providers of repair, rental and sale of construction machinery in the district Schwäbisch Hall and the surrounding area. 2013 moved the Waltz Construction GmbH your new company building in Wolpertshausen with direct connection to the A6. So Fa. Waltz created the best conditions for good accessibility by your customers. The modern rooms provide a smooth workflow and equipped with the latest state of the art workshop offers service at the highest level. Employees and own service vehicles are quickly on the spot at the construction site or the farmer on the farm. High-quality products from selected suppliers are combined with knowledge, experience and continuous improvement of service quality. The rental fleet of construction machines and small appliances enjoys steady growth. For their outstanding work in service to the Kubota machines the Waltz Construction GmbH has now awarded the Service Award from Kubota.

Our picture shows the presentation of the award by Patrick Bongartz, service manager and Jörg flyer, Area Sales Manager South of Kubota Construction GmbH to Bernd Waltz Waltz with Simone.

5-Sterne Gold Partner Tradler Baumaschinen GmbH in Traunstein

The company which was founded in 1933 by Alois Tradler changed their business after initial operation on the truck sector in 1965 into trade and service of construction equipment.
For the owner -managed, medium-sized company, with its 40 employees expert advice for the sale is the most important point. In addition to selling new machinery, the Tradler Baumaschinen GmbH is active in the field of used machinery and rental. Special competence has the Tradler team from the service area. "Outstanding service becomes important when it jams times." Service personnel will find out quickly good and effective solutions for alterations or repairs! Constant training gives always best expertise and optimized the performance. Because of association of long experience and the best technical Know How becomes the Tradler Baumaschinen GmbH honored by Kubota with the 5-star certificate in gold for technical support.

Our picture shows the presentation of the certificate in gold for Ralf and Thomas Tradler by Jörg Flieger , Area Sales Manager South , Kubota

5-Sterne Gold Partner BMD Baumaschinendienst Heidelberg

Another 5 Star Gold partner is the company BMD Baumaschinendienst in Heidelberg.
Since four decades, for BMD service quality and reliability stand in the first place. As an authorized dealer of many well-known manufacturers, the company helps customers reliable and competent, even after the purchase are they not alone. With a large fleet of service vehicles, the service BMD staff are quickly on the spot and also on construction site they work safely and quickly. More sophisticated extensions and alterations can be performed by the professionals at the inpatient service facility of the company BMD.
Under the leadership of director Hubert Clemens the BMD staff offer in addition to selling new machines also rental, extensive services and the selling of used machines. Advice is a factor with the same value as of the excellent quality by products of the BMD. As a privately owned company, is the BMD company at the same time of contact and decision-makers when rapid and sustainable solutions for customer projects must be found.

Our picture shows the presentation of the certificate in gold for the manager
Clemens Hubert by Jörg Flieger, Area Sales Manager South Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH

5-Sterne Gold Partner BAU Süddeutsche Baumaschinen GmbH

In January 2013, became the BAU Süddeutsche Baumaschinen GmbH with headquarter in New Ulm awarded the certificate in gold for best service and outstanding commitment in fulfilling special customer requirements in the area of ​​expansion and changes of accessories and equipment.
For workshop leader Robert Schneider and his colleagues is the current technical know-how as important as the timely fulfillment of customer requirements. In modern workshops in the registered offices Neu Ulm, Kempten and Munich, helps the team of BAU Süddeutsche Baumaschinen GmbH under the direction of Norbert Karrer and Dr.-Ing. Christoph Karrer its customers with advice and assistance

Our picture shows the presentation of the certificate in gold by Jürgen Bidell, Sales Manager, Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH to Dr.-Ing. Christoph Karrer and workshop leader Robert Schneider, BAU Süddeutsche Baumaschinen GmbH

5-Sterne Gold Partner BEG Bau + Industriemaschinen, Nürnberg

Another 5-Sterne Gold Partner of Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH is the company BEG Bau + Industriemaschinen, a trading and services business for construction equipment and industrial machinery, based in Nürnberg
The company, founded in 1974, is active since the late eighties in the areas of sales, rental and service of construction and industrial machinery.
With the leading manufacturers in the industry BEG is able to respond on the individual needs of their customers regarding sale consultation, supply of spare parts and repair. In the spacious workshop all additions and alterations can be carried out as desired. Before carrying out the work the service advisor of the BEG discussed all detailed questions accurately with the customer and take care that timely and competent implementation is ensured.
The pickup service of BEG will pick up machines also on your construction site if necessary.
The years connection between customer and BEG show that the company constantly adapts on to the requirements from the changing market and so is well prepared for the future.
Our picture shows the presentation of the certificate in gold by Jörg Flieger, Area Sales Manager South of Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH to Thomas Gaebelein, Sales Manager of BEG in Nürnberg.

5-Sterne Gold Partner B. i. V. GmbH in Bindlach

Also awarded with the gold seal for outstanding service was the company B.i.V. GmbH in Bindlach.
The exemplary organized company B.i.V. in Bindlach with its 8 branches in Nordbayern, Thüringen und Sachsen and 45 service vehicles offers best service in cultivation and rebuilding of equipment to excavators, wheel loaders and dumper by highly trained employees. With a modern workshop the B.i.V. service team is able to respond on individual customer requirements and can find help at technical solutions in all kind of construction machinery. The B.i.V. Service team supports its customers promptly and reliably in services on-site such as at the construction site. The company B.i.V. invests constantly in the future and currently trained 10 employee for Construction machine fitter.

Our picture shows the handing-over of the five-star gold certificate to the B.i.V.GmbH, from left:
Mr. Steinlein, Manager B.i.V. GmbH – Mr. Bidell, Sales Manager Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH – Mr. Hagen, Sales Manager B.i.V. GmbH – Mr. Sell, Sales Support Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH.

5-Sterne Gold Partner Carl Beutlhauser Baumaschinen GmbH Regensburg

Also as a 5-star Gold Partner awarded is the branch of Carl Beutlhauser Baumaschinen GmbH in Regensburg. The employees of Carl Beutlhauser help their end customers with any questions or requirements reliable, with high degree of commitment.
Due to this outstanding achievement Mr. Bongartz, Service Manager Kubota, give over the certificate to Mr. Bauer, Director of operations engineering, Mr. Krieger Workshop Master and Mr. Sperk, Service Advisor Carl Beutlhauser Baumaschinen GmbH.

Our picture shows the handing-over of the five-star gold certificate.

5-Sterne Gold Partner Carl Beutlhauser Baumaschinen GmbH Passau

Awarded as another 5-star Gold Partner is the company Carl Beutlhauser in Passau for best technical support. The service staff of Carl Beutlhauser Baumaschinen GmbH serve their end customers fast, reliable and individually with the equipment of machines regarding the requirements of the particular construction site. The most modern workshop equipment and the latest technical knowledge ensure best customer support even in field service.

Our picture shows the handing-over of the certificate in gold by Mr. Bidell, Sales Manager Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH to Mr. Lang, Workshop Manager and Mr. Stadler, Sales Manager of Carl Beutlhauser GmbH.

5-Sterne Gold Partner Tramann + Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

Our circle with gold awarded sales and service partners widens.
The Service Manager of Kubota Mr. Bongartz distinguishes now also with great joy and appreciation the company Tramann in Oldenburg for their outstanding work in the field of service, cultivation and rebuilding of equipment, repairs and technical support.
Our picture shows the handing-over by Kubota employees to Mr. Thomas Bozic, Workshop Manager, Helge Tramann, Sales and Arndt Sieling , Purchase of Tramann + Sohn GmbH & Co. KG.

5-Sterne Gold Partner DiTec Rüdiger Schmenn KG

With this first-ever highest Gold Award, the Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH thanked dealers for their dedication and commitment in the technical support of all kinds.
Following the motto "Sustainability and customer satisfaction even after sale" the company DITEC which is equipped with the latest technology at their workshop is able for carry out conversion or retrofitting the machines with special attachments. DITEC thereby enables the end user to adapt the purchase or rental machine to their individual requirements. Furthermore, technical support from trained fitters of the company DITEC in the branch or on construction site is offered fast, reliable and accurate. This commitment earned in the opinion of management of Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH the Golden Certificate for best technical support.
Our picture shows the handing-over of the certificate to DITEC Sales Manager Frank Schmenn and Workshop Manager Timo Betz by the Sales Manager of Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH Jürgen Bidell and Service Manager Patrick Bongartz.