The R065HW with reliable diesel engine (34.8 kW / 47.3 PS) with fuel efficiency and low noise level is equipped with a fully glazed cabin. Excellent operator and ride comfort, good maintenance accessibility and high security standard are features of this machine.
Optional Equipment: Various tires, buckets, shovels 4-1 and carriage.

Fluorinated greenhouse gases
Air conditioner gas contains fluorinated greenhouse gases.
CAB model

Industrial designation

CO2 equivalent

*Global Warming Potential

Download PDF product leaflet:  R065HW_Ger_01.pdf

Technical informations

Weight category 4-5 t
Operating weight 4510 / 4675 kg
Overall width 1680 mm
Shipping length 5195 mm
Overall height 2480 mm
Bucket capacity 0,65 - 0,89 m³
Engine output 34,8 kW / 47,3 PS / 2400 U/min
Travelling speed 0-20 km/h

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